Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre a Chronograph

Last night’s opening at SalonQP was a blockbuster of reunited and new faces, from start to finish. It was halfway into a talk with our the last of our previewed British watchmakers right on the top floor of the Saatchi Gallery that a voice introduced itself over the PA to suggest all visitors make their way home for the night.

As an aside, the event was well-met with Jaeger LeCoultre’s Masterclass world tour, as always. JLC is a house that is both easy and hard to get to know at the same time, whether it be as an enthusiast or collector. They’ve been eager to introduce aficionados and casual watch lovers to the very ins-and-outs of the craft with their Masterclass, and their collectors grow with the house – as a challenging but rewarding experience of finding your favourite Jaeger.

Jaeger Le Coultre Duometre A Chronograph



Last night, I finally caught up in person with just the timepiece owning that particular title in my eyes – the Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre a Chronograph. The earlier 2006 versions of the Duometre collection are well known around media. You see JLC, and it’s not long before you’re introduced to one of their most spectacular inventions outside of the Reverso.


The Duometre a Chronograph with gold dial is a newer model, still holding the same distinct story of a JLC designer who came to the watchmaking department with a vision for a watch holding three complications around the crown barrel. It was an impossible feat at the time, made possible and real by the Duometre’s design over the course of a decade before release. The inside of the watch holds a stand-alone barrel running right through the middle of the movement for the crown to regulate the watch. The outcome is what most people are drawn to: a remarkably complicated dial holding a lot of information with elegance. One of the few instances in which elegance has been achieved with complexity.


Lost and Found – Lamborghini On The Sea

One of the most unique heritage stories to emerge this year – the original Ferruccio Lamborghini-commissioned Riva Acquarama speedboat has been restored to prime condition, by the original makers Riva World.

Riva World released shots last month of the Riva Acquarama in action, 20 years after it disappeared under a tarpaulin mat at the dark recesses of a Lamborghini garage – not the worst dark hole to find yourself in, but nevertheless an anxious mystery has finally been solved with the re-emergence of the fastest ever Riva speedboat on the sea. Initial restoration work began in 2010. Riva owners used inspiration and lead notes from the Lamborghini museum over the three-year period to undertake a restoration project true to original spirit and detail.

What gifts this newly restored boat the 48 knots it now boasts, are two newly installed and converted Lambo V12 engines – one rotating to the left and the other to the right – as one of the original Riva Acquarama engines remains in evidence in the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum from its first life.


The Carbon Fibre Age With Mercedes GP

There’s one material underwriting nearly every high-end design industry this year, and we’ve gotten our hands on enough modern watches in 2013 to assert carbon fibre’s rise to a near automatic choice in the hands of a 21st century designer. Our second instalment from the Mercedes GP pitlane details the transition from aluminium to carbon fibre monocoque designs, in the pinnacle of motorsport over the last 30 years.

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Jay-Z Gears Up For Hublot X Shawn Carter Watch Launch

The November fruition of Jay-Z’s recently penned deal with Hublot is upon us, and the first true signature piece emerges in the form of the Hublot X Shawn Carter Classic Fusion.

The Classic Fusion is one of the thinnest Hublot moulds available (even at a 45mm diameter) in the closest guise to a pure gentleman’s watch, yet Hublot aren’t doing half-hearted re-issues and there’s enough about the X Shawn Carter to stand on its own two feet as an collector’s item.


Big Bang: One Moment In Time

Hublot's Singapore Pop-Up Wins World Architecture Festival of Singapore Gold Medal
Grand Prize For Chris Lee of Asylum and Hublot
Local architecture hands still has as much an impact as ever on watchmaking and retail, proven by the Hublot Singapore pop-up store launched last September, during the Singapore Grand Prix, taking the Gold Medal at the WAF Singapore awards for 2013.

The pop-up store was launched with $20 million worth of the Hublot collection in-boutique, including a Hublot Big Bang $5 Million timepiece.

Chris Lee spoke of his wish for pop-up store concepts to grasp a the momentary aspect of the occasion, akin to a time capsule. The foundation theme of Hublot’s signature timepiece since 2005 – “The Big Bang” – took hold in Lee’s mind for this art installation, driven by the idea of representing the beggining of Hublot’s explosion into the Far East scene through the black materia cascading down two floors from the ceiling.

The installation made a debut on September 14th at the main atrium of the Paragon Shopping Mall in the heart of Orchard Road.



Hublot King Power Unico Collection – Hands-On

I recently did a hands-on review of the Hublot King Power Unico watches on Haute Time Magazine with their US-based 58,000+ subscribers. It was the first time I’d written for a US audience, with the exception of our contributor Terence’s new custom golf and tennis line out in New York.

We got our hands on the King Gold, Titanium and All-Black Ceramic models – not nearly as imposing and pretty snug at 45mm as you may think – and I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the pictures from the Instagram so here is a quick update right at home on the Rami George blog.


How Well Do You Know Aston Martin? – Win A V8 Vantage For 1 Pound

Hosted by our partner auction house in Warwickshire, AuctionAir, you can bid as low as 1 British pound and the lowest unique bid will win this Aston Martin 4.7 litre V8 Vantage worth up to £84,995.

How well do you know Aston Martin? It takes skill to work out what you think the lowest unique bid might be for this model, but we have faith in our readers to detail this car in Aston Martin 100th anniversary year!

aston martin v8 vantage coupe

Bid with Rami George at AuctionAir

Round After Round – Artya Russian Roulette

Round after round… at the lounge. Evening gets longer than day now that autumn is here, while the wait between rounds gets shorter – More faces filter into the bar, some the bartender doesn’t even recognise. The fall crowd files in and out in full view of our chaise longue: Everyone’s here to take stock of their year.

Walk in the bar with something different – low on words, heavy on thoughts, centre-piece of this Fall’s conversation.

If you wanted a reminder for all the ways in which life has defeated you, shouldn’t there be a watch for that?

Artya Son of a Gun – Russian Roulette Edition


ArtyA's New Case - Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Steel

42mm Steel Case, Steel Bullets and Steel Hands

Russian Roulette Dial with “Lucky Shot” Barrel

Black Crocodile Strap

46-Hour Power Reserve in the ArtyA .357 Unitas skeleton movement



Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold – Brian De Palma Special

Brian de Palma series... Hublot Classic Fussion King Gold 45mm Opalin BraceletAt the very beginning of this year, (beginning with SIHH’s closing – we don’t go by the Gregorian calendar anymore!) we covered the Hublot Classic Fusion new releases for 2013 – here’s an update in London with a hands-on feature from the Rami George Instagram.

Getting hands-on with the Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold transformed me into the all-metal bracelet watch appeal. I’d sworn off all-metal straps yet the character in this watch has made a mockery out of my U-turn. It’s a feat I can only cope with by dubbing my new favourite Hublot, the Brian de Palma special.